Be Careful For What You Wish For

elevated highway between mountains and shore

Departing Entry Dated:

05.20.2000  0700

We are homeless.  No house, no mortgage…not even a phone and we no longer exist in the AT&T calling world.  And the feeling is exhilarating!

Our spirits are riding high as we are about to embark on a long awaited lifestyle change.  We are anxious to get to our tropical destination; it’s like a surreal dream about to come true.  Our route is laid out before us with the use of maps, penciled notations and a new gadget called a GPS, and contact names along our planned route, if needed.  All that we own is now compressed within the walls of this vehicle.

Our destination is yet another 5 days away from us.  A tiny and beautiful island off the coast of Belize, Central America.  A plot of land we purchased a few years ago to build our island dream home is awaiting our final plans to build on.  But first we need to traverse the eastern costal highways and roads of Mexico, a road trip that requires both of our eyes and minds to be watchful for potential trouble spots.  We aren’t in Kansas anymore Dorothy, is what we keep saying to each other.  “Crazy, those two are nuts”, is what some people were saying.  Who in their right mind would sell everything they owned, leave family and friends and go off to live on a tropical island in a developing country?  “More money than sense” is what was being rumored we surmised to one another more than once.  With a soft whisper I secretly acknowledged to myself, all the above could be true.

The Mexican costal region is jaw dropping beautiful.  From flat farm ground sprouting acres of pineapple tops to the forested highlands with flitting Blue Morpho butterflies flirting dangerously close to our windshield.  We can see fisherman out in their little dories casting their nets for the catch of the day.  The sea is a blindingly blue sapphire color.  In one small village we encounter the sale of caged parrots along the road side.  Heavy big trucks belch diesel fumes ahead of us as we slowly make our way through villages and smaller cities.  I have to pinch myself to realize where I’m at this very moment in time.

The road curves its way around mountains that proclaim the ruins of ancient Mayan societies.  We cross over the Tropic of Cancer in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas and it’s then that I begin to feel twinges and then waves of remorse for leaving all that was familiar to me in my life.  I’ve gone over and over this move in my mind for the past two years yet now I’m beginning to doubt our reasons for doing this.

I’m gripping the steering wheel of our home on wheels when I veer sharply onto the graveled narrow shoulder of this pot holed highway and come to a bone jarring stop.  As the dust billows thickly around our vehicle, I turn to my surprised husband and sharply exclaim, “I can’t do this!  We have to go back!”.

This is a small excerpt from a journal I kept along the way of this true adventure.  One that had more twists and turns than the roads we traveled in getting to our final destination.  

19 thoughts on “Be Careful For What You Wish For

  1. Leisa, I have heard some of this story from your telling me but it is even better reading about it. So much more description of what you are seeing and feeling. I want to read the whole story. You continue to surprise me with your talents.


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