A Parhelion View Revisit

A 5 p.m. Sunset Parhelion

A few days ago I wrote of the Parhelion I was fortunate to see one early morning, appearing in our southeastern sky. On that same day towards early evening, I was again able to witness it, this time a sunset Parhelion directly west. It lasted nearly 45 minutes as the sun sank over the clear horizon.

I had been sitting on the sunporch enjoying the last rays of the day while reading a book. I glanced up to look out over the valley below and I did a double take as to what I was seeing. I’ve seen photos of a full Parhelion on the internet but never imagined I’d be viewing a nearly full one out my own window with nothing to disrupt the view other than a few jets passing overhead within the Parhelion. I wondered at that moment if the captain of that ship could see what was before, around or to the side of his view.

We’d had several snowstorms over the past few days so it was impossible to access the door to the open deck with all the snow piled against the glass door, with hopes of getting a crystal clear photo image of what I was seeing. So I did the next best thing by using my cell phone camera and a still camera. I ran between the sunporch windows and the bedroom window a short distance away, trying to capture the best angle and image throughout that 45 minutes of time.

It is unlikely I will ever see this phenomena in the sunset of the day again. But you can guess every cold and clear winter afternoon I’ll be watching for it…..just in case.

5 thoughts on “A Parhelion View Revisit

    1. Yes, I took this photo as it was happening. And yes there is snow…look closely down below in the open field. It’s white. That’s snow. We have lots of it but being up high on the bluff it appears less.


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