Childs Play

My Snow Angel

The morning appears with a fresh thick blanket of new fallen snow, so pure and white that it sparkles.

I debate with myself. Now would be the time to do this before I am witnessed.

Fool! Why the need to lay yourself down? Who will pull these old bones up from that cold embrace?

I don ski pants, jacket, warm thick mittens and slide my feet quickly into stiff boots. Determined. The snow is like sifted flour as I lean back and make my fall. I wildly windmill my arms and legs up and down, back and forth. Making it perfect in ways only I can make happen.

I stop, gazing at the breaching sun, realizing I was given this moment to be a child once again. To create my Snow Angel.

13 thoughts on “Childs Play

  1. And you took the moment to give yourself that gifty, kitschy snow angel, moving those snow molecules around in you own unique pattern. Well done.

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    1. It’s a childhood thing that most people who have lived in a snow environment, have done this. But I bet it could be done in sand as well or even leaves, haha. Thanks for reading Carole!


    2. Leasa so glad you could find a way to make this long, long winter enjoyable. Love snow angels but must admit I have not made one for a very long time. Always enjoy reading your writings!


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