At Your Request

Stepping Back Through That Door

Many of this blog’s readers have inquired several times to me about reading “the rest of the story” about my husband and I’s leaving from Belize. It’s taken me awhile to find my journals of that event, reduce some of the paragraphs to readable and understandable sentences and then to get it processed to WordPress. Beginning tomorrow one of 8 (I think) installments will be published and seen here.

After reading my journal it gave me a clearer understanding of why we were not successful in being islanders. Probably today it’s far easier for those who share the same dream as we did 19 years ago, to make it happen. Infrastructure is now better (well, sort of. Power outages are still common), food availability is now more affordable and easier to get as well as the selection has quadrupled (well, sort of. It still all hinges on transport by sea or air) and accommodations are more modern (well, sort of. It depends on your cash power).

And yes, we have been back to the island post leave. Several times in fact and even house sat for 28 days for island friends who vacationed in the US. All visits reinforced to us why we left and how we saw things much different from the perspective of a vacationer vs. full time residency.

Do we regret the return? It’s always hard to accept defeat. The cost was high and the stress was incredible, but no; no regrets. We tried it and most don’t even get that much. We learned where we really belong and what mattered most to us.

I hope you enjoy the start of tomorrows read….put yourself in my shoes for awhile if you care to and enjoy the ride as they say.

6 thoughts on “At Your Request

  1. I’ve always scratched my noodle over people wanting to live on tropical beaches. They’re hotter than Hell, and there are lots of bugs. It’s a dream for many, but not a very practical one … I think.


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