Leaving Belize

Part Four // Sea Joy

We are getting very close to finalizing the land sale and the papers are ready for signing with the next phone call. These papers consist of the agreement to sell, the transfere of land certificate, the research of land certificate, a title search, a title to the water line, a transfer of land holding and a land stamp. Believe me, everything gets a stamp on it whether it’s an ink stamp or a for real postage stamp with a hand stamp over it. And they all do it with a hard flourish. The buyers as well have their own attorney and probably similar pages to be signed.

I had a call this morning from Marni. To begin the conversation she told me they were to be gone for a brief time to France. They needed to “get away for awhile” for some R&R. It was hard to suppress a laugh. She then moves on to asking me if we had named our property. It is common practice on the island to name your home and not necessarily by a house number although the road name remains the same. For example our land sat on Coconut Drive, so our address would be —— of Coconut Drive. I tell her yes, it was named Sea Joy. I had taken the words from a poem that Jacqueline Boviar Kennedy had written in her youth. Marni thinks it’s the perfect name and asks if she can take it for her use. I feel a little sting to my heart for what was once ours and she seems to sense it and doesn’t push the subject further. She wishes us luck in our move and we say our goodbyes, knowing it’s probable we will never see nor speak to one another again.

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