Leaving Belize

Part Five // The Winds are Changing

The transaction is completed. Our US bank has notified us of the funds being deposited into our account. Arrangements are made for remaining large items to sold by good friends here. They will retain 40% of whatever they can sell and mail us the remainder. We trust them fully. I’ve made a hotel reservation at the Sun Breeze across from Tropic Air for our next morning 7 a.m. departure to Goldson International. I’ve cleaned the apartment the best I can and have returned the key to our landlord upstairs. He is sad to see us go and I will miss his beautiful baritone voice singing at all hours of the day, as well as the fresh bread he would bake and share with us. He mentions casually there is a storm brewing about 100 miles out to sea and to be watchful. We’ve been so preoccupied with last minute things that we’ve paid little heed to the weather or the news. This is prime hurricane season still. But for now, the sun is shining and the trade winds still blow. We take one more look around and say farewell to our little abode and once again it’s the Clampett routine but this time we are booking down Coconut Drive.

We plan to have dinner with our friends who will be tending to selling are large belongings which we can’t take with us. We reminisce about our time here, both the good and the bad and things we will never forget about this experience. There is small talk about pending bad weather not too far away but they both seem unconcerned about anything. We say our goodbyes after a memorable meal and turn the golf cart over to them. We are once again homeless and but now without a vehicle. We turn in early; it’s very breezy and humid but typical for evening weather. Tomorrow will be a long day for us. But what we don’t realize is that a tropical depression has developed over the Caribbean and is moving at a fast clip towards this little plot of sand.

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